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Fusion of Two Different Images
Load two original images: a mask and a bust.

load mask; X1 = X;

load bust; X2 = X;

Merge the two images from wavelet decompositions at level 1 using db2 by taking two different

fusion methods: fusion by taking the mean for both approximations and details:

XFUSmean = wfusimg(X1,X2,'db2',1,'mean','mean');

and fusion by taking the maximum for approximations and the minimum for the details.

XFUSmaxmin = wfusimg(X1,X2,'db2',1,'max','min');

Plot original and synthesized images.


subplot(221), image(X1), axis square, title('Mask')

subplot(222), image(X2), axis square, title('Bust')

subplot(223), image(XFUSmean), axis square,

title('Synthesized image, mean-mean')

subplot(224), image(XFUSmaxmin), axis square,

title('Synthesized image, max-min')

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